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Cmon lets be realistic - Phone Companies nor Apple cant sell these iphones for 100 on a no contract system - firstly they would make no money on the iphone and no money from calls as its likely you will be on another network, O2 only did this cheap similar thing on V1 iphones to get rid of unwanted stock!!

Apple have learnt from their mistakes - this is def going to be contract only for cheap iphone and a premium price for Pay As You Go so that they make profit on selling the device on Pay As You Go since it wont be subsidized by contracts.

If they sold Pay As U Go for 100/$200 then they would be selling them for cheaper then they can make the damn things. With the iphone subsidized by the phone companies at such cheap price with approx 70 countries in the running Apple are cleverly eliminating a high percentage of hacked iphones as there will be little need to hack your iphone in the supported countries if your happy with the "exclusive" providers.

I suppose the good news is that a Pay As You Go system will prob not change much for us hacked iphone users as we will prob pay the same price as we do now for a pay as you go phone - lets hope its easy to hack huh boys?
Yep, i hope they won't sell it at really expensive price. I think when nokia came out with n95, they sold that for 500 sim-free.

I read the tariff detail in the business customer section. According to that, if you want a pay-as-you go business tariff, you still have to pay 26 line rental (11.10 for data, and 15 for iphone functionality), but the iphone will cost you 85?

I don't think it will be like that for normal customers. I think O2 will make us pay extra for iphone functionality, so i think we might still end up paying some kind of line rental, but without the 18month contract. hmmmm