> full signal on t-mobile, whilst I was barely getting anything again on AT&T

that is not a difference caused by the 2G and 3G phones, it is just the difference in cell tower coverage of the two different companies.

I have no reception from ATT at my home in USA, but get full bars from Tmobile, thats why I unlocked.

> If I turn off 3G, I get the same (or better) reception as my original iPhone and the same (or better) battery life.

thanks for the info on poor battery life being based on using 3G

3G is not widely available, and that when the phone searches for signal in a weak area, it uses a LOT more power.

this is also true for 2G
If I leave my phone on when I go to an area of no reception, it is possible to drain the battery in 3 hours.. I have a FW 1.1.4 iPhone unlocked on Tmobile USA

and thanks for the warnings about FW 2.0 issues with slow performance, crashes, intermittent wifi, and spontaneous reboots

I think I will stay at FW 1.1.4 for now.

And, just for the record, I dont think pwnage is causing all the problems people are reporting..

I think the problems are coming from FW 2.0, not the unlock method.

just my perspective