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Discuss [IPhone 3G] Overcharge Battery? at the iPhone 3G -; Even with WiFi and Blutooth disabled, brightness lowered, push disabled, the battery drains so quickly ...
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    Default [IPhone 3G] Overcharge Battery?

    Even with WiFi and Blutooth disabled, brightness lowered, push disabled, the battery drains so quickly on this thing that I'm lucky if I get more than 4 / 5 hours of use (not including actually talking). Because of the crappy battery life, I've been hooking this thing up to a charger every opportunity I have including my laptop's USB port, my car's DC adapter, and the AC charger at home. Considering I'm not giving it a chance to discharge fully before charging it, and how it's always connected to a power source when i can find one.. am I causing more damage to the battery by overcharging it or poorly conditioning it?

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    I'd say your pretty much experiencng the same thing as everyone else

    Over the last few days I've done pretty much the same as you, switched everything off I could think of, bluetooth, wifi, push, brightness and 3g and the battery life is absolutely shocking,

    I made a point of only using it for calls, I used it for about an hour today and at 5PM (taken off charge at 8AM) it was reporting 10% battery life

    I'm really really really disappointed in this, I miss the charge times my Nokia used to hold I've rang o2 this evening to cancel my contract, I'm returning the phone tomorrow to them as luckily I'm still in the 14 day cooling off period and I've gone back to my Nokia - The o2 guy said to me with all the 3g, wifi etc switched off I should be getting nearly 360 hours of standby time. I just laughed and said yeah according to Apple ...

    It's a shame because I really wanted this phone to shine but the honest truth it I just cant guarantee to be next to a charging point all the time when I use my phone and will more then likley end up with a flat iphone more often then not
    Agree with what I've said?

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