Allright I have a iphone 3g that will not detect any wifi networks period I have done everything possible software wize in order to try and fix it. I have Restored, Reset router with no encryption, Reset network settings, etc... Please guys I dont have service so its basically just a ipod classic to me now I have lost all hope and decided to come here. The phone has a sim in it, but everytime i restart the phone it says something about activating it, but it always says no service at the top left were the signal bars are usually. It is jailbroken on the 4.0 firmware using redsn0w 0.9.5b5-1 on a windows OS. The wifi was working fine in the morning but I was sitting on the ground and my iphone slipped out of my pocket and hit the concrete not even a foot high and ever since it wouldn't detect any networks. I figured this should be enough info for the time being so thanks for anyhelp you may give me!! One more thing its out of warranty and a repair is $199 D: