Hello, I'm having trouble with a Iphone 3g Model Is MB496B. Serial Starts 82834XXXXXX.

I've loaded up F0recast and there's N/A in both Baseband and Bootloader. It also shows different SSH on Cydia from 4.2.1 to lowest 4.0.

The Iphone keeps telling me a restore in itunes is needed, but when I restore I get Error 1013 and have to contiune to put the phone into DFU mode and use RedSnow to get it out of recovery mode, to at least get it to boot back up again.

The Firmware is 4.2.1. There Is No Wifi, No IMEI, and the battery Drains quicker then usain bolt won that Gold Medal at the olympics.

I don't know the previous history of the phone, but it did come with cydia installed on the phone and I can only presume that it has a faulty currupt baseband.

I've tried to add as much information as I know possible, if there's anymore information needed I will gladly try my best to provide. Is there anything that I can do to safe this iphone?