hey guys,

first - basic question: if i switch off 3G mode on my iphone, and have exchange push email running - do you think i'd get longer battery life using the GPRS connection provided by the mobile phone company or having wifi kept on? i know in my old phone (HTC TYTN) the battery absolutely drains with wifi, but lasts a couple of days if i have 3G off and am using push email over GPRS.

next, some complaints on this phone so far, hopefully you guys have some workarounds for some of them:

1) email functionality sucks ass when you don't have signal / not connected to the internet. so for e.g. if you're in an airplane, in the underground, traveling etc it absolutely sucks. here, comparison:
tytn on WM6: you do all sorts of stuff, trash messages, reply etc etc when you're offline. when it detects a signal it does everything you wanted it to, sends off email, trashes etc.
iphone: i delete a message. it undeletes it, puts an alert box "sorry cannot delete email." ok, no big deal, i'll leave it in my inbox. i compose a message, write it, hit send. alert box "sorry could not send email." at which point the email stays in the outbox. when i finally get back to signal area does it automatically do everything? nope. i need to sit there, delete messages while online, and click on the bottom where it says "1 unsent message" for it to get sent off, otherwise it'll just sit in the outbox.

c'mon apple. be reasonable. think of offline access.

2) notes do not sync with outlook. i have a bunch of notes in my outlook, they're nowhere to be found on the iphone. when i write a note on the iphone, it should sync with my pc, but i can't access these notes on my pc, as far as i can see

3) a number of my contacts in my outlook address book have extra notes / extra fields in them. my WM6 device shows all the info happily. iphone doesn't. only shows primary address, phone. there's a notes field but it doesn't match with the outlook notes field. it's just local to the iphone apparently.

4) in my WM6 device i get an email, someone has written down a phone number. i can click on the phone number and get a menu which allows me to send SMS, email, MMS etc. so i can sms it. on iphone, when i click the number it wants to call it, that's it. no other options. and of course iphone has no copy paste functionality so i need to bring out pen and paper and write it down, or memorize the phone number. nice.

5) no option to handwrite notes in iphone. WM6 i can just flip open notepad, doodle on it with my stylus, write down a shopping list etc. fast, easy, simple, syncs up with outlook.
in iphone i bring up notes and the keyboard comes up. ok what if i want to draw something? sure, ok, i could go to the app store and download an app that probably allows handwriting too but shouldn't this just be something built in? i mean what the hell is the point of a touch screen if you can't touch it to write notes?

6) can't see upcoming events on homepage, or a week view in calendar which is annoying as hell. i don't want to just see whats planned for me today. what if its someone's bday tomorrow? my WM6 device would tell me tomorrow: x and y's bday and you have a meeting a 3pm tomorrow. in iphone i need to switch to the next day, day after, day after to see my "agenda for the week."