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Discuss The Infamous Carrier Settings Update... Wont Update?? at the iPhone 3G -; Hi All: I have a version 2.2 black 16GB Iphone 3g in the Dominican Republic, ...
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    Default The Infamous Carrier Settings Update... Wont Update??

    Hi All:

    I have a version 2.2 black 16GB Iphone 3g in the Dominican Republic, using Orange Dominicana Network with a Gevey 3g. My main computer is a MBP 10.5.5 and Itunes 8.0.2. Carrier version settings is 2.9 (According to the about this iphone screen)

    Last night I got suddenly an estrange "No SIM" or "Invalid SIM" message on the iphone Screen. Resetted the Iphone a couple of times, and even removed the Gevey. After that everything went back to normal.

    But, This was until I reconnected my iphone to Itunes... Then got the "Carrier Update Message". I updated the Carrier settings and got the message for a sucessfull update. But still every time I plug my iphone for sync I get the same update request no matter how many times i have successfully updated the sucker.

    I was looking at an Apple doc that stated that the updates are downloaded to the "Iphone Carrier Support" folder on \User\Library\Itunes. I looked at the folder and the update file was in fact for Orange Dominicana "orange_do.ipcc". I was afraid it was trying to update At&t carrier.

    Since I Know orange is on the way to launch officially the iphone in the Dominican Republic, I have the following questions:

    1- Can I Stop the Request for carrier update everytime I connect my iphone to itunes???
    2- Is there a way to manually update the carrier settings???
    3- If orange launch tomorrow its iphone... will I be able to use my US AT&T locked iphone, which I've paid in full, into the orange network??

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