ive got a 3G iphone thats in pieces, it was dropped out a car windows (turned a corner with the windows up its holder let go of it and out it went ) The casing and the screen were ruined but i could see it still working as it should, all be it behind the cracks in the screen. So i put a claim in with my insurance and they had me describe the damage. I explained what happened and they told me that ill be getting a new one sent out to replace it, great. The person i spoke said not to bother sending it back they would just bin it.

So ive got a new 3G on its way and this broken one sitting in front of me, i presume that they will be blocking its IMEI. I was thinking well there are going to be parts inside that arent damaged such as the camera module, the vibrate motor, the module that handles the connection. So i could break the phone and sell the pieces and maybes make back my excess. I just dont want to sell a part that has the IMEI number burnt into it and will therefore be useless to the person who buys it.

Secondly is doing this illegal?