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Here is some fix error 23 in itunes...my iphone is 3G unknow version///
It`s working for me....

You must put your device in iBoot, not DFU
Press power and home for more that 30 seconds and wait until on screen aprears `conect to itunes`
After that, restore in itunes with version 4.0.1.
After resore, you will probably have the iphone in `connect to itunes` screen.
Use RecBoot to exit this.
Make jailbreak with version 4.0, and try to activate and unlock like usualy...
After that you will see this iphone have unknow imei on you iphone
So the baseband is corupt or in blacklist.
I doubt this very much.

As mentioned earlier: http://www.hackint0sh.org/f203/104422.htm is the only known way to resolve this issue - restore to remove all traces of jailbreak then exchange under warranty.