I'm new member of this forum, but let me tell you, always we need to evaluate another hardware, software, etc, in my case when i went to buy the i phone in my country (Mexico), I had to evaluate the telephone provider (telcel) and the 3g service, for this high tech pearl, I had to buy the Nokia N95 8GB,in $1,000.00 US dollars aprox, just for fun, for enjoy the telephone, to travel to africa, tahiti, etc., this is not a blackberry forum but don't buy it, work for it self, and i can tell you because i have one for my job as Attorney at Law.
The next octuber I'll gonna buy the lastest I-phone of the Day and I know, I gonna find no a pearl, I gonna find a Brillant Jewel.
I hope you enjoy my post, and be gently whit thr response.