does anyone know how to install bossprefs without using cydia??

I have a 3g iphone with the sim hack, so when i toggle 3g on the new bossprefs it doesnt work

I have spoken with bigboss about this and here is the reason.

2.12b reset the CommCenter when you toggled off 3g, meaning the sim had to reregister with the phone. this process took about 30 seconds but was better then a restart of your phone everytime time.

2.15b now is just tied into the 3g toggle in the phone.

Now for 99% of you out there that isnt going to make a diffrence, but for the 1% with sim hacks it will.

So all i want it to have 2.12b on again, but dont know how to do it,

I have tryed just copying in the folder into the applications folder and setting the permitions to 775 but that doesnt work.

Please help, my phone is basicaly not working now.