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dtube: Question:
In cydia, there are two versions of Fuzzy.
One is called FuzzyBand and the other is 3G Fuzzyband Downgrader.

The first one is 3.1gm-1 (adds 3.1 BB support)
The second one is 2.0 (also 3.1 BB support)

Are they both supporting downgrading to 04.26.28 (ultrasn0w) and 02.28.00 (yellowsn0w) ?

wi1ckeZ: Answer:
We plan on changing the names... But the 2.0 one downgrades baseband from 4.26.08 to 2.28.00 for yellowsnow, the other (3.1gm) downgrades from anything > 4.26.08 to 4.26.08 for ultrasnow

dtube: Question:
Are you also planning to consolidate them into one.
Giving the user with 5.08 BL a choice of BB to downgrade to (02.28.08 or 04.26.08).

w1ckedZ: Answer:
No just to make the titles more informative