Hi all..

(if you don't want to read this whole post, I just want a name of a good free app that would play different video formats on iPhone 3g.. please tell me your IOS version and if there any problem with the app playing specific types of file types. thanks)

I'm manly an android user, and I'm using this device temporarely. so I'm not at all used to iphone.

I'm trying to play different video formats on the iphone 3g with no success.. the IOS is 4.2.1.
I tried different apps like VLC streemer, Oplayer. Yxplayer, playable. and one more I cant remember its name,
Oplayer only played a youtube FLV file I downloaded and copied to iphone, and played online videos flawlessly. while files saved to iphone, the loading circle keeps rotating forever and black screen.
Yxplayer played divx and the YT FLV file, but unwatchable due to crazy lagging.
VLC streamer played FLV fine, but nothing else.
Playable played an MKV, although I'don't call it playing.. maybe showing thumbnails and playing a 1-2 sec. audio sample.
Finally I need to say that I tried playing almost every type of videos I have, filetypewise, an encodecwise.

Anyone can tell me if this is familiar for iphone 3g?? is the 4.2.1 IOS is the problem? any app that would play normal video files that is working for you?

Thanks in advance.