Few weeks back i had the problem of no wifi (from 3.1.3 upgrade, an apple said tough your not under warrenty!!) ... there was a few cases of it being the antena broke or over heated.

so i bought one... and fitted it last night. new antena worked fine (fitted correctly ) but still the same problem, i just kinda threw my arms up and thought ahhh to hell with it.

So the fone was just as i had it, until today i get a phone call couldnt hear anything at the end... instantly knew it was to good to be true nothing had gone wrong when fitting antena. cut it short it would appear i have, somehow even though being very careful, damaged the connector 3 ribbon or the connector itself.
So upon doing some DIY to try and fix a hardware fault thaqt didnt exsist just apple's crappy bugs i have muted my fone can only use loudspeaker or headfones to listen to a call.

i would try fix this but do not know which is the problem. growing tired now.

just to rub salt in wounds... this all happened 2 weeks after my warrenty ran out!