Did you know that you can use the goPhone service with 3G internet, voicemail, GPS (of course) and all the things of the new iPhone 3G withouth any unlocking involved?

A friend and me, accidentally realized of a way of using my goPhone AT&T account that I use in my unlocked iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware and his brand new AT&T $70 contract with AT&T. We just swapped the SIM cards and you can actually use everything the iPhone has with the prepaid capabilities, and there is no hacking or unlocking involved. You can watch a YouTube video we prepared in the following link, it is quite interesting and it just makes me think why does AT&T said that there was no prepaid service (assuming no unlock exists) or any other plans which you can probably install any AT&T simcard, the BlackBerry plan for that matter and it works! Bastards!