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Discuss Decrypting the 2.1 ramdisk? at the iPhone 3G -; As you can see in my other threads I have some baseband problems. What ever ...
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    Default Decrypting the 2.1 ramdisk?

    As you can see in my other threads I have some baseband problems. What ever method I use to try and reflash it always fails at "Sending security block..." It times out and after a few retries it gives up.

    I'm on 5.9 so I can't downgrade. But I don't really want to downgrade, I just want to reflash! Also it says "Modem firmware: 2.11.07" so I should still be able to upgrade, but that also fails. I thought I'd try BBUpdaterExtreme with 2.11.07 (fw2.1) but I'm having some troubles getting the required 2.11.07 .eep and .fls files.

    They're supposed to be inside the 2.1 ramdisk? Which I'm guessing is 018-4118-1.dmg? But I can't manage to extract them! I've tried every method I could find so now the only option remaining is asking for help. What's the procedure for decrtypting and then extracting the .eep and .fls files?

    I've got keys from the iphonewiki and xpwntool. It seems to run fine under win7 but I can't mount the resulting decrypted ramdisk. I've tried a bunch of applications to mount it so I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with the decrypted ramdisk.

    I've also tried xpwntool och img3decrypt under VMware OSX but I'm having some issues with the dependencies. I also have working vfdecrypt, cygwin, etc. and would be willing to get what ever else tools that might help.

    If anyone has ever managed to decrypt a ramdisk from a firmware above 2.0, please share the procedure!

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    I just did it on Windows 7 - you have the wrong keys

    for example - the update ramdisk 018-4118-1.dmg has these keys. Decrypt with xpwntool.

    IV 4b9a4d90965381c1fec08922f7242644
    Key d77bd81b9d1adc01fe540eecd885547b

    procedure: look at

    This time around, I ran xpwntool on windows, and HFS explorer to extract the required files out of the DMG

    I also got the correct keys out of pwnagetool 2.1's firmware bundles via HFS Explorer.

    About the reloading: you know that the 3G baseband bootloader only allows upgrade, not reload of the same baseband version. That is one of the differences compared to the 2G baseband bootloader.
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