I have an iPhone 3G with Baseband 2.28 unlocked using yellowsn0w. I went ahead and created a custom Firmware 2.2.1 file so that I can upgrade the firmware while keeping the 2.28 Baseband to maintain the yellowsn0w unlock, but am having signal loss issues. The phone would drop 3G a lot and revert to GPRS, that's right, GPRS (I'm in Egypt on Vodafone and they don't have Edge) and this is when I am outside in the street driving in my car. It also loses the telephone signal altogether and goes through search mode and sometimes it will find the service, but usually it will just display the no service message and I would have to reboot my phone to get a signal, simply toggling airplane mode on then off will not get the signal back.

The 3G signal loss problem described above sometimes happens with the 2.2 Firmware as well, but the telephone signal loss leading to no service does not.

Has anyone else experienced this with Formware 2.2.1 and Baseband 2.28? I know that OS 3.0 is incompatible with Baseband 2.28, could it be possible that Firmware 2.2.1 isn't playing all that nice with Baseband 2.28 and causes these little problems or is it just a matter of the cell towers not being so great.