I bought an 3G iphone in the states with a Gevey Turbo Sim adapter that worked perfectly fine with 02 germany and iTunes 7.7.1. Then I thought: Oh, you've got a weekend and not too much to do: why not try and update from 2.0.2. to 2.1 firmware?

Stupid me, iTunes 8.0 realized the "Sim does not appear to be supported" and so I couldn't synch. previous iTunes versions couldn't recognize iPhone firmware 2.1. My iPhone worked fine with 2.1. Got Signal etc...
Then I wanted to go back to firmware 2.0.2 by DFU mode restoring. That gave me error 1013 in various iTunes versions (among them the one posted somewhere in this forum, and left th phone in restoring mode.

A plain click on restore works fine but completion of the procedure is impossible since the sim-information can not be read out or something similar to that remark from iTunes...

So, what can I do to get EITHER 2.1 or 2.0.2 (preferably) on my iPhone with Gevey TurboSim?