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Discuss activated - but what if connected to itunes ? at the iPhone 3G -; I have an 3g iphone from ebay Its working and activated. Its not unlocked or ...
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    Default activated - but what if connected to itunes ?

    I have an 3g iphone from ebay

    Its working and activated. Its not unlocked or jailbroken and so stuck with carrier (but ok with that), put in my sim and its all fine and recognises my number and I can ring, and recieve and 3 works.

    wifi working as well.

    When I connect to itunes it says Welcome to your new iphone, do you want to register ? I said register later.

    Next it says set up as new iphone.

    So if I go ahead will it de activate the phone ?

    My previous iphone was a 2g bought new from AT&T but in those days you weren't forced to a contract so I used Zi-phone to activate, jailbreak and unlock, and have been throu varions version from 1.1.4 using winpwn and quickpwn through the last 22 months to bring it to version 2.2 and as its a 2g didn't need to worry about the issue over modem firmware and unable to unlock with yellow show as these were specific to 3g

    But with the new (previously owned ebay) 3g I'd like to connect it to itunes, and not sure what will happen ? Choice i had was

    a) restore from previous iphone,
    b) setup as new iphone

    My 2g was on version 2.2 and this 3g is 2.1 and modem 2.11.07 so from reading forums here it won't restore from previos 2g backup as the versions are different with 2g being higher version than this 3g so only option is b

    I don't particularily wnat to have to jailbreak and unlock this 3g one as its working, and as its activated, so ideally I'd like to choose option a setup as new iphone, but will it then try and get me to setup a contract, deactivate it, and ask to be activated or will it just connect to itunes without issue, and then I can load on my pictues music and video ?

    Thanks for bearing with me any who read this far ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tv_21 View Post
    3g is 2.1 and modem 2.11.07

    Download 2.2 and do this tutorial

    iClarified - iPhone - How to Jailbreak Your 2.x.x 3G iPhone Using QuickPwn (Windows)


    iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock the iPhone 3G
    It will be unlocked and activated.

    Then plug it into your computer and you can restore to a new version or a previous version

    In fact, you can still restore to a previous version or a new version AS LONG AS ITUNES DOES NOT DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE AND UPADTE THE SOFWARE FOR YOU
    youre fine doing whatever you want.

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    Smile what happened

    Thanks for the help

    I selected setup as new iphone and it simply took my old contacts, video, music and photos to the phone.

    It did no de-activate or anything

    So just works fine on a pay as you go sim



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