i thought my home button was broken. but, it works fine for most functions...ya know...except for the most important one.

i have to press it sometimes 20-25 times to get it to exit an app. waking the iphone works first tap; once the phone is awake pressing it expectedly takes it to the search window; scrolling out several pages of apps, pressing home takes it to the first page; pressing and holding an icon gets them to do the shake, and home stops them just fine.

but, trying to exit out of an app--ANY app requires some patience. but, it does eventually work.

i've restored the phone back to 3.1.2 and still no dice. so, i'm confused: on the one hand, it seems to be software since the button does work for other system calls; but on the other hand, resetting the software to out-of-the-box new doesnt change anything either.

anyone got any advice?