Greetings all.

I'm on a Gmail account and when I send an email from Mail, I can find the same mail when I'm on a browser. The opposite still holds true: sending an email from the browser means, I get it downloaded on my Mac and it appears in my Sent folder.

The same, though, doesn't seem to work with the iPhone when sending mails. That is, if I send a mail using my iPhone and my Gmail account, when I get back home and wake my mac up, it won't download such sent mail, so I don'thave that "sync" effect. It seems weird to me, cause iPhone-sent mails still (obviously) get recorded and appear on my account if I take a look through the browser.

Does anyone know why and, epecially, how to put a remedy to this? Am I missing any setting on my iPhone, on my mac, or on my account?

I really wish I can have on my mac ALL the email I send, no matter where from.

Thanks in advance.