Hello I am with a iphone a friend that with the following problem!
The Wi-fi hour detects time does not detect. Even when it detects does not work because shortly after he lost the setup!

Table report: After restore the unit takes to load the software and hangs in the message "slide for emergency"
Ja tried restores all in all, was locking.
Before that, nothing stopped him stop, i was that when I was doing the jailbreak (1.1.1), discovered the problem of wi-fi

I thought (I do that sometimes) do I restore to try to 1.0.2 and revirginar the unit!

I restore to the 1.0.2: enabled, but does not install anything because we have wi-fi, and the programs that I need to do the DownGrade of BaseBand use SubSystem. I do not know how to install it!

Ja someone saw something like that?

Translated from Portugues by google!