when i use the i.phone.no method on my phone, using anysim 1.1 to unlock, right at the very end it says something like " anysim cannot unlock this phone. anysim will now quit. pl. restart your phone."
however, when i restart, he phone is unlocked ??
bought an unlocked 1.0.2
upgraded to 1.1.1 using i.unlock.no and anysim 1.1
tried removing anysim by using onesim and then tried to use simfree 1.7, but it refused to work .
removed simfree 1.7, unlocked again with anysim, when i get the cannot unlock message.
good thing about all this : the phone still works flawlessly .
simfree claim that on their databae server, the unlock is working on my phone.
how to find out what is really woking... anysim, or simfree ??