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Discuss What if 1.1.3 will be with 4.6 Bootloader? at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Originally Posted by RiTch! Time will tell guys... I did not post here trying to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RiTch! View Post
    Time will tell guys... I did not post here trying to convince anybody about anything. Everybody here is getting so edgy because the solution looks so far away. I don't own any wisdom, but selling iPhones in huge quantities for the best possible price is any commercial company's aim and that's what shareholders expect for their money. Apple is not a company driven by ideology...

    iPhones have sold very well in the past months. I have an iPhone since August and I live in the Netherlands where the thing has not been launched yet. A friend in New York had to buy it there and DHL it over to me. So many iPhones have been sold to people like me... Since fw 1.1.2, until just about now people still bought the iPhone with the intention to unlock with the confidence an unlocking solution is on the way. The number of these buyers will decrease and Apple will notice that. Mind you not everybody is willing to change their telco-provider just to use the iPhone at a more expensive rate.

    Also at Chrismas time people buy anything to please their loved ones so iPhone sales will be good and promising. Once the Holliday Season is over Apple will see a huge drop in sales and Steve Jobs is not a stupid guy. The only solution at that point is to make sure it will be hacked again. After that sales will go sky-high again, provided the Samsung's, Nokia's, Meizu's, SE's, etc. have not come up with a better alternative.

    Telco-companies will be pissed again and Apple, whilst claiming they can never prevent these unwanted circumstances, will come up with another firmware update. And so the story continues.

    Just use common sense and be patient. It makes no sense to get angry or frustrated over a cellphone! Buy it if you can use (read: unlock) it, but look for a better solution at one of the abovementioned manufacturers or elsewhere. And you can rest assure better alternatives are on the way... That is good for us and a nightmare for companies like Apple that are deaf to customer needs and demands..

    Time will tell my friends, time will tell...

    Yeah well, personally I am not mad, not with you... U r right and we should just have fun with our iPhones, and hope more people can enjoy it either way (locked or unlocked). Sooner or later the world will be full of iPhones... and unlocking will be history, at least, not that important as it is today.

    And Merry Christmas.
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