Hi there,

I would appreciate a confirmation from the pros that my planned way to upgrade and unlock a almost virgin 1.02 iPhone is correct:

Status: iPhone 4GB, 1.02 , activated and jailbroken, some 3rd party apps installed, NOT UNLOCKED

1. Restore to 1.02 via iTunes, to make sure it's in a virgin state
2. Install Independence 1.2.3 on the Mac, follow the instructions to upgrade to 1.1.1 (preparation, upgrade with iTunes, postwork)
3. jailbreak, activate with Independence
4. Install SSH,SCP,Dropbear with Incependence
5. copy anysim1.1 via STFP (Cyberduck) on the iPhone
6. Edit springboard.plist to make anysim show up in the springboard
7. Run Anysim, change the build-in SIM to the new one planned to be used, start unlock process
8. Activate iPhone with Independence

Am I right? Is Step 1 and 8 needed?
And when I change the SIM in the future, will I have to run step 8 again?