Hey everyone. I've been lurking on here for a while, this is a great forum!

I unlocked my iPhone and have been using it with T-Mobile - works great, even with the 5.99 Edge plan! Recently I've had a few small weird issues that sort of bug me, but don't really impede functionality.

Every once in a while, if I put the phone to sleep, I can't get it to "wake up" without pressing the top "Sleep button" first, then pressing the main button. This seems to happen if it has been in my pocket for a while, but it also happens if it is just sitting on the table.

Also, sometimes when I put my phone to sleep, it will constantly wake up the screen, then turn it back off. This happens every 15-30 seconds. It is really weird.

The only programs I have on the iPhone are all those required for the unlock, the NES emulator (which I don't leave running), and SummerBoard. I almost always have WiFi switched off.

Has anyone else had these issues? They are mostly annoyances.. especially when my phone keeps lighting up every 30 seconds next to me.

Once again.. great forum!