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Discuss [Warranty] ATT Refurb Unlocked - Screen Unresponsive at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hey everybody, I would really appreciate some input on what to do in my situation. ...
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    Default [Warranty] ATT Refurb Unlocked - Screen Unresponsive

    Hey everybody,
    I would really appreciate some input on what to do in my situation. I bought an ATT refurb (week 24) and unlocked via iPlus2.0 with 1.1.4

    Everything was fine, but decided to try out Pwnage tool. Went to BL 4.6 and 1.1.4. Still working fine.

    Out of the blue, the screen stopped responding. The same issue that many other people have discussed (AppleMultiTouchSTI Failed) Tried DFU restore, normal restore to 1.1.4.

    Somewhat got a little freaked out, heard the ZiPhone relocked the phone. (Going to try to get warranty exchange from apple) USED REFURBISH on ZIPHONE

    Now with the original ATT sim, no Service Provider shows, just a dot. Basically the no service problem.

    Tried erasing baseband, reflashing newst baseband via iLiberty+, as well as flashing to 1.1.2 to its baseband. Still have the no service problem.

    What I need HELP with?

    Im worried that ZiPhone erased my IMEI and everything, but cannot check it because the screen is unresponsive.

    Currently I think I am on the 1.1.2 Firmware, with the correct BB, and I believe 3.9 BL (it has 3 Letters after it, is that correct)

    Can someone please help me check the IMEI? Im going to go into the Apple Store and say that I cannot activate the phone because the screen is broken

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    so did you start of with a 4.6 BL or 3.9??
    when you say Original ATT SIM do you mean the iPhone plan ATT Sim??
    Have You Activated your iPhone Plan with ATT??



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