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Discuss Want to unlock virgin 1.0.2. without upgrading with anySIM 1.1.1. at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hi everybody! Another noob with an OTB 1.0.2. I did use "search" but couldn't come ...
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    Default Want to unlock virgin 1.0.2. without upgrading with anySIM 1.1.1.

    Hi everybody!

    Another noob with an OTB 1.0.2. I did use "search" but couldn't come up with clear-cut answers, so don't get mad at me if this has already been answered:

    1. If I decide to play it safe at this stage and not get fw 1.1.1, can you point me to an anySIM 1.1.1 step-by-step method specifically for virgin 1.0.2's? Yes, I know about carlosvaldosta's detailed guide but I'm not sure if it doesn't mess the bb, so I kinda think of giving anySIM 1.1.1. a shot. If there's no guide for 1.0.2. without getting 1.1.1. how do I jailbreak? I guess I can use the old guides (if they're still around for anySIM 1.0.2) and just use anySIM 1.1.1., but I won't risk doing it on my own, without a detailed guide. So PLEASE show me a link...

    2. I might be braver with updating to 1.1.1. and then going the "real ultimate unlocking for 1.1.1" way but first I need to make sure my office WiFi will work. It's password-protected (I know it though) but you have to specify an IP and DNS addresses to access it. Now the question:
    Do you think I can still use *#307# for my OTB 1.0.2 to see if I'm able to key in the password and change the IP and so that if I update to 1.1.1 now and then start the jailbreak, it will work. Well, I'm not planning to access the TIFF exploit site with 1.0.2, but just see if the IP change and password will work. I don't really wanna try it unless I hear it's safe from more experienced iPhoners

    --[on edit: calling that number on 1.0.2. doesn't work]--

    Last silly question. Do I need to change the IP address back to the original found in the OTB phone or it's OK having the office IP in my phone from that time on and use it in WinSCP to connect to it.

    Thanks a LOT!
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    Ok i have just unlocked an OTB 1.0.2 iphone. It was really easy. When you go to activate and jailbreak the phone you use the smae instructions as 1.1.1 execpt you do not need to downgrade your firmware to 1.0.2 because you already have it on the phone.

    I assume you are on a pc. If you can find a friend/ mate that has a mac i think (not talking from experience) that it will be easier.

    I'm not very tech savy and was able to follow the help files in iNdependence no problems then used any sim to unlock.

    I'm now using a 1.1.1 iphone with everything working (except i can't bloody get the US number formatting to change to AUS format fully correct yet...)

    You don't need to connect to a WiFi network till after you activate and jailbreak the phone. Then you should be able to assign an ip address through the settings menu to login to your work's network.

    Good luck

    All in all i found the experience strees free.
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