I had my virgin 1.0.2. upgraded to 1.1.1 to follow the upgrade-> unlock "real ultimate guide" but got stuck on Wifi step - it just didn't connect - either it's an IP problem or signal strength (was low). I have also changed the IP, router and DNS settings for the iphone to match my office's settings to no avail. I saw no original IP and DNS there though.

If I have no luck with WiFi and decide to revert to 1.0.2, is revirginizing my only route now even though no messing with the bb was done? Just updated to 1.1.1. and that's it. No activation/unlock. I will try a hotspot to finalize it but thought going back to fw 1.0.2 and sticking to an easier 1.0.2 unlock with the newer anySIM 1.1. might work well for me after all. So am I in for either finalizing it or virginizing it now?

And I also wonder if the changes I made to IP and DNS are going to be a problem if I don't have the original IP and DNS... They just weren't there...

Thanks a lot!