i finally restored my old 2g from 3.1.3 jailbreaked to 1.0.2 with its correct baseband 3.14.08,jailbreked and unlocked with iUnlock.
all is in tune,bsd and open ssh installed manually and working fine.also installer 3.0b.
but my springboard have only 16 icons and to increase its number i need Launcher v 0.2 that is not available from any site.
do u have this app to post by pm or for download?
my work to take my 2g to its factory mode have been very hard,but i can do it every time and on every iphone with 3.9 bl.
thanks in advance to who can help me with Launcher.
as i know,only Launcher aims to increase apps number in the springboard.
i know i'm very nostalgic with iphone 2g,and i found one 1.0.2 brand new,still with cellophane on the box.