OK, I'm super new to this whole iPhone hacking stuff... but I've been around the block with XBOX's, PS2's and PSP's so I know you have to READ a lot, and be patient.

I just wanted to briefly explain my steps and let everyone know it worked for me, and how well it works...

I started with a v1.1.3 OOB 16GB iPhone that I've been using for a few weeks now on AT&T. I setup a couple email accounts and got my WiFi working. I've been loving the iPhone so far and have been waiting for the SDK, but damnit I couldn't wait anymore!!

I upgraded to v1.1.4 through iTunes 24 hours after it came out after reading about minor updates with some improvements. At this point I was still waiting on the SDK. Then I read some stuff that made me look at what is already available for jailbroken phones, and I said F-it today and just took the plunge.

I spent all day today doing my homework and reading Zibri's blog and this forum, watching youtube videos, reading comments there too. Long story short, I saw that I should probably wait for ZiPhone v2.5b to make sure my baseband got updated correctly (I don't even think it was touched with the method I chose, but maybe someone can fill me in on that).

My Steps
  1. I Sync'd my phone to backup all of my email, sms, settings, etc. Then set my phone to never auto lock.
  2. I shift-clicked Restore in iTunes and restored to v1.1.4
  3. After the restore, the iPhone rebooted and re-activated in iTunes all by itself. The "New Phone"/ "Restore backup" option appeared and I closed iTunes, and ended all iTunes/iPod Processes in the Task Manager.
  4. I woke up my phone, unlocked it, set my WiFi back up and made sure it was working by accessing YouTube (which also worked), and tried the locate me feature in Gmaps (worked). Checked my FW rev (1.1.4) and BB rev (04.04.05_g). I set my phone to never auto lock again.
  5. I opened ZiPhone v2.5b and opened the Advanced Features. I deselected everything except the Jailbreak File System option and then clicked Perform Actions. Within a minute my phone had gone into recovery mode, ran the WSOL (White Script Of Life), and was rebooting.
  6. I unlocked the phone and I now had the Zibri's Blog icon and Installer icon. I checked the WiFi with YouTube (worked great), checked locate me in Gmaps (worked!), checked my FW rev (1.1.4 still) and BB rev (04.04.05_g still!!). I would assume my BL is still v4.6 too, but I haven't been able to check it yet.
  7. I shut down ZiPhone and opened up iTunes again. I selected "Restore backup" and after a few minutes my phone had rebooted and everything was restored except for my music and videos, which is sitting in my library ready to re-sync anyway. My two email accounts worked, my SMS was there and working, YouTube was there and working with my old searches and bookmarks, Safari is up and running with all my bookmarks. The phone makes calls and Visual Voicemail works.
  8. I was asked by Installer to install an update (v3.01), so that went over fine. Then I installed the BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH.

I'm so glad everything is working... is this too good to be true or what?