Ok, so this may not make sense to many people, as far as logic is concerned but here's what I did.

When the revirginize came out for the iPhone I decided to try it out. After successfully completing the operation I updated to 1.1.1 via iTunes without a hitch. Then I got alittle slap happy and updated to 1.1.2. After completing the 1.1.2 update I discovered that it could not be jailbroke without installing the otkoprep file. So I decided to downgrade to 1.1.1 and install that file. Only problem was that after the downgrade (for whatever reason) I was unable to get the phone to reactivate (I am a cingular customer) so I downgraded again to 1.0.2 and got it activated no problems and jailbroke and third party apps installed again but after using the phone for a day or so I noticed the battery was having a problem holding a charge so I decided I would update to 1.1.2 again and leave the phone virgin. Problem was after the update to 1.1.2 from a jailbroken 1.0.2 the phone would not activate and itunes could not detect the phone. So I placed the phone in DFU mode and downgraded to 1.0.2. then used windows.bat (I use windows) to boot the phone from recovery mode. At this point I had reached a 1.0.2 FW that had not been jailbroken. I then ran the update via iTunes to 1.1.2 again and it successfully completed after a few moments iTunes detected the phone and was activated within minutes. Everything works great. Appearantly if you have a jailbroken 1.0.2 you can restore to 1.0.2 and then update to 1.1.2 with out worrying about getting bricked. I must advise though that this method has not been test on a phone that was unlocked by any method. As I stated before I am a current cingular customer. I think the unlock is what modifies the baseband but I am not sure.
Anyway, this prolly has no real value but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.