I'm having problems with a 2G iPhone that was unlocked using TurboSim or some other variation of it. This never worked.

I jailbroke and unlocked using ZiPhone at some time. The process ended without any problems and I had a 1.1.2 phone that could be used with any company.

The actual owner of the phone never could get it to connect to his laptop, but it worked great with his wife's mac. I came to the conclusion that it had to do with USB 1.1

After a couple of months, he calls me and tells me that his iPhone can't connect to either one of the computers. I take it back to my computer and I get a Windows error saying that it doesn't recognize the USB device. Therefore, I can't sync, and I can't re-unlock it.

Besides that, the iPhone works great: calls, app installer, the works. But I need to unlock it (hopefully with winpwn).

Any ideas?? Please, help!!!