Ok so I have been lurking around here for quite a while trying to find an answer.

However due to the many guides around it is very difficult to isolate one working method.

So here is my situation:

Iphone 8 GB
FW 1.0 unlocked (pretty sure with old iunlock or anysim)
Have installer on the springboard.

I want to upgrade to 1.0.2 (i dont need 1.1.1)

Here are my questions:

1 - Can I do a restore to the 1.0.2 and proceed to activate with PACAY and then jailbreak with ibrickr and then unlock with the newest anysim 1.1?

2 - If the newest anysim1.1 will not work then how about the older anysim1.0.2?

3 - If the new anysim1.1 will work is it going to add another unlocking attempt to my phone or does it bypass that process and will not register by minicom as an extra unlocking trial?

4 - Since this sort of upgrade will flash a new baseband (1.0 to 1.02) is my baseband already screwed up since iunlock or anysim was used the first time around?

5 - If my baseband is indeed screwed will this cause problems when i restore, activate and unlock to 1.0.2?

6 - If so then what are my options to have a working 1.0.2 upgrade?

I would appreciate any help.