First of all I would like to thank everybody on this forum. Without you guys I would not have come this far in my adventure of unlocking my 1.1.2 iPhone.

I have successfully completed the hardware unlock and I restored the phone to 1.1.2 after I unlocked with 1.0.2. So far so good, then I downgraded to 1.1.1 and jailbreaked it. Up to this point I have working Wi-Fi and everything else, including 3.9 bootloader (yeah!). At this point I upgrade to 1.1.2 so I can use the new anysim for my 1.1.2 firmware, although when I do this a strange thing happens. I can find wifi networks and I check the network but I never get connected and I never get any IP etc. Furthermore I don't get any icon which indicates Wi-Fi, tho I get this when running 1.1.1.

Anybody have any information which could resolve the matter?

Again, many thanks to all of you.