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Discuss Unlocked 1.02 w/ iUnlock to Unlocked 1.1.1 Method at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hi guys, this method worked for me so I thought i would share it. steps ...
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    Default Unlocked 1.02 w/ iUnlock to Unlocked 1.1.1 Method

    Hi guys, this method worked for me so I thought i would share it. steps 1-7 were taken from

    Warning: use at your own risk we will not be held responsible if you screw up your phone

    Note: I left my Tmobile sim in the whole time.

    This tutorial will explain how to take your 1.0.2 phone that has been unlocked using anySIM 1.0 - 1.0.2, iUnlock, iUnlock-fast or any similar means. The problem with these tools is that certain sections of the baseband get "damaged" by them. When you try to update to 1.1.1, your IMEI gets set to a 0049* number and your phone is not working. This guide will show you how to re-virginize your phone. When you are done with the guide, you will have a locked 1.0.2 baseband ready for unlocking or upgrading. This guide assumes you have a working 1.0.2 unlocked phone. Note: If you unlocked using Iphone SIM Free or anySIM 1.1, you do not need to run these steps.

    1. First, you need installer loaded. If you do not have this on your phone already, run apptappinstaller (windows) or here (Mac) with your phone attached to your PC.

    2. Next, you need to get community sources installed in your installer. If you just completed step 1, installer will require you to upgrade before you can do this, so go ahead and upgrade to installer 3. In either case, install community sources if you haven't already.

    3. Next we need to add BigBoss's installer repository. Close installer and open mobile safari. Type this URL: and agree to install the repository.

    4. Return to installer and refresh sources. Now you need to install the following packages:

    * BSD Subsystem (System Category)
    * Term-VT100 (System category)
    * Virginize Scripts (Utilities category)
    * anySIM 1.1 (Utilities category) - only if you plan to unlock 1.0.2 afterwards. If you plan to upgrade to 1.1.1 immediately you can skip this.

    5. Now exit installer and open up the Term VT100 on your phone. Type these two commands into the term:
    cd /usr/bin

    6. When the virginize script runs, you should not see any sort of (16) resource busy errors. If you do, stop the script, unload commcenter by running this:
    launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
    then restart the script.

    7. When the sript completes you should be done and your phone will be locked once again. You can unlock your phone using anySIM 1.1 if you want or you can upgrade to 1.1.1 FW.

    8. Download iNdependence 1.3 beta at and run the pre 1.1.1 action

    9. Reconnect the iphone and let iTunes upgrade to 1.1.1. use the UPdate button. If you get the 1604 error, use a different USB. I worked for me.

    10. In iNdependence activate, jailbreak, and anysim. Then visit to install apptapp. jailbreak me stalled so i quit safari and tried again and it worked fine.

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    can anyone else confirm that this works?

    So if I unlocked my phone the original way using iUnlock and SSH this guide will definitely work?




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