Unlocked 1.02 (AnySim 1.0) --> Reviriginized --> upgraded to 1.1.1 ---> multi-swap 1.1.1 patch ---> ???

My iphone was unlocked before I did the upgrade to 1.1.1 and it remained unlocked after the upgrade as well. I just had to activate it but I didn't install anysim 1.1 to unlock as I found the phone to be fully functional and working as it was on 1.02.

Basically, I had an unlocked 1.02 with anysim 1.0 ---> revirginized the phone ---> upgraded to firmware 1.1.1 as described here in the forum and used the multi-swap activation patch for 1.1.1 and voila! my iphone is working and unlocked without having to install anysim 1.1.1.

My question: Does this mean that my iphone will be unlocked only to my current sim and can't be used on another sim / or do i have to use anysim 1.1?

P.s. I am using At&t (Cingular) sim.

Please help. Thank you.