Hi, I had problems with my dev team one click update and decided to begin from the beginning. So I restored my iphone to 1.1.1, jailbreak, installed okto prep, updated to 1.1.2 and tried to jailbreak with the java tool and with independence. I used the clarified site to restore my iphone. The java tool stocked at the first quater and nothing happens. Mmh. Start again after the half the same. Indepence had any time an error and could not jailbreak the iphone. Third try with the java tool again ssh and alpine and go -> yes now it has done the job, but only one restart. I had to restart after that two times the iphone and then the iphone restart by itself again and now it was jailbreaked. ssh is installed and a supersim works.
No way to use a ftp/sftp programm. Every time I had the message: "Error at login". All is ok. ip, name and password.
Does anyone has an idea whats going wrong? Do I have to virginize my iphone?

Thanks for help

Ihpne week 48
Bl 4.6
Firmware 1.1.2
Jailbreak: yes
youtube: yes
in and out calls: yes
sms: yes
ftp: NO