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Discuss unlock failed - anysim / indepdendence - seeking diagnosis at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Please ignore this post. Sorry. I found a way to restore the phone. I used ...
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    Default unlock failed - anysim / indepdendence - seeking diagnosis

    Please ignore this post. Sorry.

    I found a way to restore the phone. I used iTunes to do it since it had been activated already. duh. Then I just followed the instructions in part 2 of:
    and it worked.

    These were my mistakes, please don't repeat them:
    - I thought I knew better than the guide linked above. I thought a new version of anySIM should be used rather than the instructions above. I was wrong.
    - I thought some guy's conclusion that the anysim error we both got was bec. we had reached the max unlock limit applied to me. I was wrong there too.
    - I assumed that checking the firmware initially by dialing a code in the emergency phone panel and getting the result 03.14.08_G was enough... I may or may not have been right... I'm no longer sure. This may have been the cause of my INdependence problems. Just follow the restore instructions in Part 1 of the guide and avoid the risk.

    The other remaining question was why my SIM card is all beat up... but since I have a working Fido iphone now... I don't care to find out.

    Good luck!

    unlocked wife's 4gig iphone great using:

    tried to unlock my 8gig by using independence to install anysim, didn't work. this post is to figure out what went wrong. initial conclusion: the 'new' iphone I bought may actually be a recycled one?

    - when using independence the phone cycled into the yellow triangle more times than the 4gig; showed the error entering recovery mode; showed the error obtaining ICCID; activation eventually succeeded through repetition.
    - anysim failed to unlock the phone "unlock failure, the flash operation succeeded but the unlock commands failed. You might want to check the baseband manually using minicom."
    - tried to restore the iphone firmware by entering recovery mode... but can't! holding down both buttons results in the phone restarting twice then turning off.
    - the SIM card that came with the phone is all scratched up. Obviously not new. (please don't tell me to return it as I am now in another country).

    I tried unlocking only once. When I couldn't even restore the thing, I stopped and came here. I suspect this is what is happening to me:

    However I know not how to use minicom to check if my phone has reached its limit. I can SSH into the phone, but once there, when I type minicom, it tells me:

    "WARNING: configuration file not found, using defaults
    cannot open /dev/modem: No such file or directory"

    Argh! A little advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!
    (and thank you to all who created these miraculous tools in the first place - at least my wife is happy as a clam!)
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