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    So, you went in a hurry and executed all steps on your phone, but something was missing, right? Do not be afraid to admit. I did that, I forgot to put in Airplane mode. I got a brick. And I fixed my brick.

    Everyone does mistakes.

    Hopefully we still should be able to fix it.

    Original steps to unlock your phone, as described by GeoHot (in case you missed that thread):

    - Get gunlock tool
    - Get secpack
    - Get 04.02.12 BB files
    - Get a jailbreaked 1.1.2 phone
    - Get OpenSSH, BSD Subsystem and Term-VT100 installed on the iPhone
    - Transfer all files to iPhone using WinSCP/Cyberduck/whatever SCP client you can use
    - Put phone in Airplane mode
    - Unload CommCenter
    - Update patched baseband
    - Load CommCenter
    - Restart phone
    - Disable Airplane mode

    There are zillions of very well detailed tutorials for each and every step I've quickly mentioned above. But you still missed something and now you got the nifty "This iPhone cannot make or receive calls" popup? Ok, you still can fix it. Just keep calm, get a coffee, and this time, pay attention what are you doing.

    Also, before you start doing things, READ what you will do. After you finish this first reading, you should start DOWNLOADING things. After you download, you should READ AGAIN to make sure you will not do the same mistake.

    Besides all files you still need to unlock your phone, you will need also last 3 iPhone firmwares, plus bricktool to change your modem' status.

    - Download iPhone 1.1.1 firmware
    - Download iPhone 1.1.2 firmware
    - Download iPhone 1.1.3 firmware
    - Download bricktool
    - Download iphuc
    - Download 1.1.2 Java jailbreak
    - Get another coffee

    All files can be found at hackint0sh boards, or by Googling them (most are on so pretty easy to be found).

    As you should know, we can't anymore use iTunes to send exact same Baseband on our iPhones. Although current one is messy, it is still recognized as 04.02.12, so we must update it to a newer version. So, be ready to start restoring your phone to 1.1.3. Yeah, we always told you to not to do this. But this time, you have no choice. Go on.

    It will take a bit until it finishes, looks like baseband updating is a quite slow task. Your phone should be back alive at that time. It should emit sounds when you do type on an emergency call -- this proves it had restored baseband.

    Then, you should downgrade phone back to 1.1.1. To do this, do a copy of iPhone 1.1.1 firmware, and then uncompress this copy. Inside the newly created iPhone1,1_1.1.1 folder, you will find a Firmware folder, and a dfu folder inside it. There should be a file named WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu. You will need it.

    Power off your phone by pressing top power key and slide to power off, just as you would normally do. Then, remove USB cable from the iPhone, press the HOME button and keep it pressed while you plug back USB cable. Wait until iTunes warns you of your phone being on Recovery mode.

    Close iTunes, fire iPhuc, and send to the phone that WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu, using the following commands:

    copyfiletophone /path/to/WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu
    cmd go

    Replace the /path/to/ with proper path to where is this WTF file stored on. I suggest you to copy it to same folder where iPhuc is, so you do not need to type any path at all.

    After a moment or so, iPhone should be in a complete white screen. That's good, as now we can exit iPhuc and go back to iTunes to restore phone to 1.1.1.

    Windows users should shift+click on Restore, while Mac should Alt+click on Restore. Chose the iPhone1,1_1.1.1.ipsw file and let it run. You will end up with an error. That does not matter.

    Much probably your phone will be stuck on restore mode. Unplug and plug back USB cable, close iTunes again, and open iPhuc a second time. This time, use the following commands to take phone out of restore mode:

    cmd setenv auto-boot true
    cmd saveenv
    cmd fsboot

    (or use the 1.1.2 Java Jailbreaker; it has an button just to boot phone out of recovery)

    Voilá, your phone is back alive in 1.1.1. Now, you just need to redo all steps to have a jailbroked 1.1.2 phone: tap *#307#, configure a WiFi connection, access, install Oktoprep, do the 1.1.2 Update, run the 1.1.2 Java jailbreak. Get BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH and iWorld (yeah, you still need to fix SMS/Phone apps, if you are using a foreign SIM Card).

    Meanwhile, go get another coffee.

    At end of this, you will have a 1.1.2 jailbroked phone with 04.03.13 BB. Now you should do again the GeoHot's software unlock. It will write on your new unlocked Baseband, but when you finish it, you will still end up with no signal bars.

    Then we use bricktool. Copy it to your phone, on /usr/bin folder. Do not forget to give bricktool execution privileges (all SSH tutorials do teach you how to do this).

    There is no need to stop CommCenter, be in Airplane mode or whatever, you just need to access your phone via SSH or Term-VT100, and run

    bricktool d

    , so your modem will be active again. I suggest doing a last restart to make sure your phone will start up as it should.

    If something went wrong, then you should read at least 3 times all I wrote before, or to bring your phone to someone able to do this without mess it anymore.

    I messed my baseband at 4:30AM EDT by not running it on Airplane mode, but everything was running back before 6AM (and I figured out all by myself, by reading tons of posts and Google'ing). During today's afternoon, me and my co-workers did update their personal phones (20+ phones), and we stopped update process on 2 of them by purpose, so everyone could see what exactly we should do in case something went wrong.

    All phones are alive and working. All owners are happy.

    Hope you can be happy too.

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    This i a very helpful guide. If I get it to work.

    I have not made it work yet.

    Is the phone suppose to be in recovery mode when running the iPhuc commands, and is there any way to confirm that the filecopy and cmd job was OK?

    After running "cmd go" nothing happends on the phone. The screen does not go white.
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    I have an 1.1.3 OTB with the same error i think the problem with these phones is that u cannot upgrade to 1.1.3 again cause it gives an error

    Heres what i posted in another thread:
    Hi have an 1.1.3 OTB and tried to unlock it by the geohot methode.
    First of all i tried do downgrade to 1.0.2 with itunes 7.5 like geo wrote. Since this wasnt workin tried 1.1.1 which also wasnt workin so i had do to it like this :
    1.1.3 > 1.1.2 > 1.1.1
    Now i ran the commands in the instructions over putty, in the progress wifi got stuck and after a reboot it says "No Wifi". So i tried the terminal with the result "16 ressource busy".
    I repeated the hole up&downgrading process till i got an "Iphone needs Repair" error on the Phone and an "Sim card cant be used" on itunes.
    I looked trough every thread dealing with this or anything close and i tried everything described, like differnet itunes version, DFU mode ....
    Most off the Tips go for an upgrade to 1.1.3 which iam not able to make (1406 i think)
    Is there any way i can get it workin again or is it just a brick?
    I tried your method and it is not workin for me its still the same error maybe its only good for 1.1.2 OTB?

    btw: i think its filecopytophone not copyfiletophone and what are the codes u get when u send this file? mine was 0 and on another try 11. cmd go gives no response at all but i had the DFU mode after that...



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