Sorry i posted this in the Tooling's room. It should be here

SO ... i unlocked my iphone version 1.1.1 using Jailbreak and Anysim. Everything is fine.

I installed Trip1PogoStick 2.0-1 to customize the theme. But when i uninstalled Trip1PogoStick 2.0-1, my iphone wouldn't boost up. It powers on and shows the apple picture only. I tried to force it into the restore mode, but all it does... is boosting to the the apple image and the store mode. it keeps powring on and off.

i tried to restore to version 1.0.2 via itune but it gives me the errors message. The only program i can use to access iphone is Ibrick to browse system's files only.

Is there anything i can do. I read all the verginize posts, but all of them require iphone back to activation screen or atleast jailbreak. My on the other hand stays stucks at the apple image/or restoration mode. your help is much appreciate. thanks