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Discuss Touchfree and [ULTIMATE GUIDE] Jailbreak/Activate/Unlock Virgin iPhones v1.1.1 at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazy_davy View Post
    I have the same "problem" althoug I'm not sure it actually is aproblem.
    I also have the /var/root/touchfree
    It contains the files for springboard and summerboard, and I believe it starts springboard frpom there instead of the original place it is supposed t start from.
    (it also contains some unix commands and the
    That might be why you canīt boot it after removing the folder.
    If this really is meant t be, I'm not sure of.
    It seems for example my rSBTbt is unable to arrange the icons on my summerboard screen 2. I think thats because htere exists two springboard settings on different places on the Iphone now.
    Maybe the touchfree really is supposed to have cleaned itself out after the process was finished. I donīt know.
    David, I used the same "alpha". All you need to do if you want to clean things up is to move the 3 app folders - 2 of them go to /Applications and the summerboard framework goes to the Frameworks folder. All the other files you can backup for now, as they're not needed any longer. Before you move those 3 folders, you just have to remove the shortcut that points to those directories in touchfree.

    As for rBST, it is not compatible with v 1.1.1 yet. So, this install has nothing to do with that. Everything runs as expected for me, and again, moving things around is not crucial at all, as there are simply shortcuts in the Applications folder.

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    I have the touchfree folder also.

    I did a break on a 1.1.2 upgraded, then down to 1.1.1. etc. Haven't had any problems either but was just wondering about getting rid of it since, it does not appear to be useful.

    It left behind a copy of the root file system with the Installer and SSH apps, both of which are already in /Applications folder. I have read elsewhere that it was OK to delete it.

    I tried deleting the TouchFree folder but I get a alert saying that sbin is in use, although there is nothing inside the sbin folder.


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