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Discuss Too Many Installed Apps at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; My iPhone originally came with 1.0.2 which I used iBrickr to jailbreak then AnySim to ...
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    Default Too Many Installed Apps

    My iPhone originally came with 1.0.2 which I used iBrickr to jailbreak then AnySim to unlock. I then virginized it and updated to 1.1.1 which was working fine for months.

    I recently updated to 1.1.2 and unlocked with 1.2.1u and moved the applications to the media partition using bigboss tool 0.35. After installing a certain number of apps. about 70, my iPhone would just get stuck on the apple logo in some sort of continuous loop whenever it is rebooted. I then SSHed into the phone and changed the name of some of the app folders from *.app to *.app.stop thereby preventing them from being seen by the OS as Applications. As soon as I do that, my iPhone boots up. I though that it may be the number of app icons on the spingboard, so I installed categorize and moved some icons into there, but again, I got stuck on the apple logo.

    I went ahead and restored the iPhone back to 1.1.1, updated again to 1.1.2, installed bigboss tool, moved the apps and the same thing happed again when I got up there in the number of installed applications. Now however, I can't SSH into the iPhone as WiFi and SSH were both off prior to getting stuck on bootup.

    Is there some sort of limit to the number of applications you can install? Is anyone else having this issue? Or can anyone recommend a fix for me to try?
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