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Discuss A test worth doing: 2.0 on old 2G iphone to activate new 3G carrier at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Ok let me explain: I am using a 2G iphone with 1.1.4 ziphoned with no ...
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    Default A test worth doing: 2.0 on old 2G iphone to activate new 3G carrier

    Ok let me explain:

    I am using a 2G iphone with 1.1.4 ziphoned with no problems at all. My carrier luckily is Vodafone GR (one of the approved 3G iphone carriers). Let's assume I do not care about installer/cydia/jailbreaking for now, and that I just want to upgrade to 2.0 firmware and use appstore for now. But I want my phone to remain completely operational (calls, sms, edge, youtube, etc...).

    I read on modmyifone this:

    Originally Posted by Robcoffee View Post
    I upgraded my 8gb iPhone to 2.0 last night, and then put my o2 sim in which is not an iPhone contract sim just there inexpensive simplicity contract, iTunes asked me to activate the iPhone which consisted of pressing continue where it asks for your Apple login, entering an e-mail address and then activate. The iPhone was then activated and runs 2.0 smoothly, all the phone features work perfect (including Edge) and I have been busy downloading half the appstore to it.

    It does seem that the software just checks to see if the sim is from an allowed carrier, although if it is your only phone it might be a safer bet to wait until the is an actual Jailbreak out because once you are on 2.0 it seems pretty hard to go back to 1.1.4

    So my question is, if I just use iTunes 7.7 to upgrade to 2.0 (which I downloaded yesterday) will my phone remain operational since it is with an 'approved carrier'? Will I be able to simply activate is as described above?

    It is definitely an experiment that is worth trying out, but since this is my only phone and cannot afford to be without it for even 1 day (business phone) I am hesitating to try it. But maybe someone with a couple of 2G iphones could try it out and let us know...

    Best of luck guys! :hack:
    iPhone 4.0, Vodafone Greece.

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