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Discuss Suggestion... New approach? at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hi Everyone, I'm not a coder or hacker. I got one of these phones and ...
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    Default Suggestion... New approach?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm not a coder or hacker. I got one of these phones and it's really the one device I was looking for, for a very long time -- has everything I need. Working great North of the border. I'm sticking with 1.0.2, for now.

    Now to crack this new nut. (my appologies if this has been covered elsewhere here).

    The approach up until 1.1.1 has been from the inside out. Jailbreak achieved, install bintools, apps, etc.. Some hardware "help" unlocking by holing an address line high until buffer overflow exploit code updated.

    That worked fine. But they put a few heavy duty locks on the doors.

    What I propose is that the community take the outside-in approach. You see, the firmware is out there, everything you need in the firmware is there.

    So.. The hard-part being decrypting this thing.

    Analyze the decrypted firmware, make mods to it. Do a jailbreak there, install SSH, etc.. (a way in -- trojan horse ) ... Mod the baseband firmware before it's flashed to the phone (in the ipsw) using the normal upgrade process.

    The faciliteis to flashing the firmware and getting into the phone exist within iTunes. And flashing the baseband within the update process. Leave the stock procedures alone and let it upload a "modded" firmware.

    I appologize if I'm over simplifiing.

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    I understand that you're not a coder or hacker, neither am I but if you would have followed all the related threads/posts (meaning: READING them), you wouldn't have posted this. Sorry, thread closed. Next time, follow the discussion(s), incl. older threads using the SEARCH function.

    This forum gets filled up with useless and repeated threads, this doesn't help anybody. Thanks for your understanding.



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