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There is a few simple steps we have to do to get this working.

Step by step
1. Someone has to buy the software form iphonesimfree.

2. Setup wifi ad-hoc connection between a PC and iPhone.
2.1 Let's say PC has xDSL connection and its routed to iPhone using wifi ad-hoc
2.2 Install wireshark or any other software to capture all the network packages.

3. Make sure that all other application that can/are/etc using internet connection on PC are disabled.
3.1 Check in wireshark that "nothing" happens on network at all.
3.2 Visit a very simple page on iphone using wifi ad-hoc connection and make sure that package are captured in wireshark.

4. Start the unlocking process and hopefully capturing what the iphonesimfree software does on the internet.
4.1 Here we are specially looking for:
4.1.1 Authorization server.
4.1.2 Package to the server with authorization request
4.1.3 Response from the main server to the request

5. Isolate request/respond packages
5.1 Repeat steps on serveral phones in order determ if there is any calculations on the auth server. If so find way to replicate it.

6. Setup "fake" apache/IIS/etc server to replicate request/respond packages
6.1. Here use of PHP/Perl would be great if calculations are needed or even a java application,

7. Redirecting from real server to fake one by editing x:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

8. Posting the solution here for everyone to see
I have installed adhoc network and its workin right, i installed wireshark ,but i dont know how to use the dump and all
can u guide me through this?

pm me wit ur yahoo or gtalk