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Discuss Restore iPhone... at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hi, I am new here and just wanted to know more about the whole warranty ...
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    Default Restore iPhone...


    I am new here and just wanted to know more about the whole warranty issue. I've read that Apple will not provide warranty service for those who unlock their iPhone's. With what i've read around, there is no way to revert the iPhone back to its original factory state once you've unlocked it. So all of you here who have decided to unlock their iPhone's are willing to take the gamble that you won't need the warranty at all? Or is there a way to revert it back to its original factory state before you send it in for service so that way Apple won't know you unlocked it previously? Or are people actually trying to figure out how to revert it back so if they need warranty service, they can still get it? Or do you guys have so much money that if your iPhone does take a dump, you have the money to buy another iPhone if indeed you can't get it serviced?

    I know it's a lot of questions but I just want some opinions on this issue.

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    If you needed to return your iPhone, and it is not fried, then I would re-virginize it. This is probably the closest to OOB state. If it's fried then blame the battery. Also, Apple probably would want proof that you have AT&T service, so better have a story to's was a gift!

    Yes, the rest of us are so rich we do not worry about these type things!
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