Hi all, I'm new here and been reading the very informative posts here for the past few days. I'm currently looking to purchase a pre-unlocked iPhone although I'm somewhat concerned about the firmware versions and in particular the bootloader. Hope that you guys won't mind answering these questions for me:

1) Is there any way to check and ensure a phone is not a FW 1.1.2 phone downgraded to 1.1.1?

2) Are all FW 1.1.1 phones packaged with booloader 3.9? Would there be any possibility a FW 1.1.1 phone come with bootloader 4.6 and is there anything I can check to prevent this?

3) What are the other things that I should ideally look out for to ensure that I get a FW 1.1.1 phone with booleader 3.9?

My apologies if these questions have previously been asked. Hope to hear from you all soon and thanks in advance