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On these points I agree.

- It's more likely that a 4.xBL/1.1.2 unlock appears than a theoretical "5.x/1.1.3" unlock.

- TurboSIM is really the only method if you want to use your 4.x/1.1.2 phone NOW. If you do it right, it works pretty well it seems.

- Best method is to shell out for someone selling a 3.9 phone, if you can still find one. This, of course, is likely to cost you as most people still holding 3.9 equipped phones that are new-in-box know exactly what they are and exactly what they're worth (not $399 USD, that's for sure).

Every time I come to this forum I smile at my 3.9/1.1.2/anySIM phone.
Yep. Couldn't agree more.