Hi all,

First, Im sorry I start yet another stupid questions thread about 1.1.2 but there are so many of these that it is hard to find all the correct answers.

Ok, let's start. I have fully working 1.1.1 iPhone which is unlocked using AnySim 1.1. Please correct me if Im totally lost but this is what I have planned to do.

I will restore my phone back to 1.0.2. After succesful restore I use iNdependence and activate and install SSH. Then I just drop AnySim 1.2u to my phone via ftp. After that I set autolock to never and run 1.2u AnySim. Now I should have fully working phone with 1.0.2 firmware?

Ok, lets carry on. I don't want to settle down. Using iNdependene I do Pre 1.1.1 update and follow the instructions and update to 1.1.1. After iTunes finish the update I continue with iNdependence and activate and install again SSH to my phone. Now I should have phone without phone capabilities?

Ok, I continue and drop installer via ftp to my phone and run OkToPrep, Now Im able to perform 1.1.2 update using iTunes 7.5? I update and after update I continue with Conceited Softwares 1.1.2 Jailbreak. I run jailbreak.jar program, mark the SSH tab and perform Jailbreak.

After Jailbreak it is again time to put installer to phone and install iWorld from 1.1.2 tweaks. I now should have fully working unlocked 1.1.2 iPhone? Then bunch of questions.

1. After 1.0.2 downgrade can I use iTunes backup which is made with 1.1.1 phone to restore my personal files and notes? Or can I select new iPhone and perform restore later on?

2. How can I uninstall SSH after Conceited Jailbreak software? In iNdependence there are SSH tab for installing and uninstalling.

3. In 1.1.1 International menu has multiple languages to choose. I have now complete finnish phone. In 1.1.2 there are just four languages to pickup. Can I somehow add for example finnish to that menu? By transfering all the fi.Iproj folders where they should be?

Thanks for helping...